Excellence Chocolats

Excellence Chocolats

Excellence Chocolats, a chocolate manufacturer originally from  Belgium eventually migrated to Canada in 1987 to Ville LaSalle (until 2014), and is presently based in Ville Mont-Royal, on Bates Rd. We are experienced in the art of fine Chocolate making, and especially in the manufacturing of traditional Belgian pralines. We only use the highest quality ingredients and take pride in the beauty, taste, and craftsmanship of our products.

David Bensabath

David Bensabath was born in Morocco and grew up in Strasbourg, France. Three generations of Bensabaths currently live in Montreal.

In 1989 David was approached by a colleague to visit a chocolate factory owned by a Belgian Chocolatier. He was enamored with the quality of the product.  Right then and there he proposed to launch a strictly kosher line of this quality Belgian chocolate. Although he was a teacher by trade, he began working with them on a small scale, making kosher non-dairy chocolates.

Four years ago the ultimate opportunity arrived. David Bensabath already retired after 44 years of teaching, while the current owners were ready to retire themselves. The opportunity was ripe for him to fulfill his passion of chocolate making, Excellence Chocolate opened a new chapter.

Baruch Bensabath

Baruch had been working in France for 12 years in the high-end food business, specializing in the wines and cheeses of the region. He joined David, his father, incorporating his own knowledge and expertise and furthering it by training with the previous chocolatier and attending a chocolate academy to develop his chocolate making skills. His mission to perfect his technique has paid off as Excellence Chocolats now boasts the most premium product in the industry.

Distinction in Excellence

Excellence Chocolats is most famous for its dark chocolate, non-dairy line. The unique "almost dairy" taste shines as it highlights the force of the dark chocolate. The company also produces a high-end dairy line, honoring those same standards of Excellence.

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